It’s finally that time of year—you’re starting to gear up and get ready for summer break. So you should know that whatever you’re looking forward to this summer, NIRSA Discounts & Rewards will be able to help!

Here are ten reasons to enjoy your summer in 2019:

  1. All NIRSA members have access to NIRSA Discounts & Rewards. That’s pretty exciting!
  2. Extra time to study up! Do you want to ACE your personal trainer, health coach, or group fitness courses in the fall? Summer is the time to refine your skills.
  3. Are you planning a road trip? Red Roof’s offerings have increased—and with over 600 properties around the world, Red Roof will have you covered. Plus, they’re a great option for sport club teams!
  4. If you’re traveling either locally or abroad, you can save over a quarter of your booking costs with Hotel Engine.
  5. Stock up on your basketballs with NIRSA Spalding basketballs! Your students will be ballin’ in the fall because Spalding always has the latest and greatest equipment.
  6. Summer is the time to get certifications and training at a great discount! The American Red Cross and the Canadian Red Cross provide useful safety training and certifications for any audiences. Make sure to check out the lifeguard instructor review courses and First Aid/CPR/AED courses!
  7. You can relax knowing that NIRSA’s partnerships with Relation and McGregor & Associates will help cover your needs; Relation will provide you fair insurance rates for your programs while McGregor & Associates will provide risk management tools and resources at a discount.
  8. The National Posture Institute can get you and your students standing up straight and feeling confident heading into the fall term with their educational certificate programs and online CEC-CEU courses. If you’re looking for other fitness materials and health certifications, make sure to check out ACSM too!
  9. Are you the outdoors type? AORE provides member rates for their conferences—there’s one in the fall to look forward to!
  10. Jossey-Bass publications can help you develop management, leadership, administration, and educational skills even while you’re away from your campus.

Make sure to take advantage of all the Discounts & Rewards your NIRSA membership gives you access to. We hope you enjoy your summer and we hope we can help make it even more fantastic!


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Sales and Expo Coordinator Emerson Helbling.
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Emerson Helbling is currently the Campus Activities Coordinator at NIRSA.