NIRSA’s Institutional Data Set (IDS), the benchmarking resource for professional members, is scheduled to close so a robust set of upgrades and revisions can be completed. Most notably, all facilities data have been revised in alignment with NIRSA’s Space Planning Guidelines for Campus Recreational Sports Facilities. This alignment is expected to improve the platform’s capacity to inform campus rec facility planning purposes.

Additionally, NIRSA’s Facility Construction and Renovation Survey, which has typically been delivered as a distinct and separate instrument, is now an individual module within the IDS. Other platform upgrades are expected to enhance the user experience. Professional members are encouraged to contribute their institution’s data once the platform re-opens in May.

NIRSA’s benchmarking resources, which include the Institutional Data Set and Salary Census, are supported through donations to the NIRSA Foundation.


  • For questions regarding the NIRSA Foundation, please contact NIRSA Foundation Coordinator Kameron Carroll.
  • For questions regarding NIRSA’s benchmarking resources, please contact NIRSA Research Coordinator Ruben Guzman.

Adrienne Ansel is currently the Student Supervisor of Fitness at Bowling Green State University and a member of NIRSA's Research and Assessment Committee; she can be reached at