It’s that time of year again! As usual, NIRSA Soccer opens up many opportunities to get involved. We’re looking forward to another successful year of regional and national play in 2019.

The NIRSA Soccer Work Team is comprised of At-Large positions that work towards completing the visionary goals of NIRSA Soccer and the charges of the work team while the regional coordinators help us facilitate leagues across the nation as well as successful regional tournaments. I, personally, feel huge gratitude towards the members who have served in these roles over the years. Acknowledgement should be sent to At-Large members Nick Singer, Assistant Director of Intramural Activities at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Hannah Roberts, Club Sports & Reservations at East Carolina University, who have helped us in so many different ways.

They have been advancing student officials development all year and we are happy to announce that we will, for the second year in a row, offer Region III student officials a unique opportunity for development. The University of Illinois will be hosting a 7v7 soccer tournament from April 12–14, and applications for officials and staff are now open! We hope to have some great announcements later this spring about other opportunities in different regions.

Outgoing NIRSA regional coordinators include Catherine “Bud” Todd of Region I, Laurel Hanna of Region III, and Mario Rios of Region IV. They have served many years in these roles and have each individually helped NIRSA Soccer progress in so many ways. We appreciate the service of all NIRSA members, but want to specifically call out these innovative contributors who have helped us reach towards our goals.

Additionally, we want to celebrate Elise Harvey, regional coordinator from Region II. She has recently taken an opportunity out of the field and will not return as the Region II Coordinator. With the announcement of some not so great news, we are happy to announce some good news leading to a bright future. Work Team member Hannah Roberts will serve the rest of Elise’s term for Region II as regional coordinator. Elise has served the NIRSA Championship Series in so many great ways and we are thankful to have her as a part of the NIRSA Soccer Family. We are excited for her new adventures!

With our goodbyes, come new beginnings. All work team members serve NIRSA in a great way by advancing the Championship Series’ mission and vision and we are calling to members who would like to contribute to that success. Applications for vacant regional coordinator positions are now open. Regions I, III, and IV are looking for passionate members to serve the next term. You can find the position description online. The applications close on Tuesday, March 12.

Another great opportunity for NIRSA member institutions and members is also available. We’re accepting applications for NIRSA soccer regional host sites. Any interested parties can view the necessary information regarding hosting and submit their application here.


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA National Sport Programs Coordinator Nicole Jackson.
Assistant Director, Competitive Sports at University of Alabama | NIRSA Profile

Laura Thomas, Chair of the NIRSA Championship Series Soccer Work Team, is currently Assistant Director, Competitive Sports at the University of Alabama.