NIRSA members consistently rank networking as one of the most valuable benefits of Association membership. And it’s no wonder—the history of this Association and this profession is rooted in individuals coming together to collectively share information in an effort to improve students’ experiences in their own communities.

That’s why we have been hard at work updating NIRSA’s profile platform and communication features to help you stay connected with what’s happening in the profession and with colleagues across North America. We also want to take an opportunity to underscore our commitment to protecting your data, by sharing our recently updated privacy policy.

What’s new with the NIRSA member profile?

NIRSA is excited to announce several new features related to your NIRSA member profile. These updates improve the interface and make it easier for you to customize your NIRSA experience.

Easier to edit

Get the most out of your NIRSA membership by expanding beyond the required personal information to include details about your educational background, job responsibilities, interest, or communication preferences.

Check out the new look of your NIRSA profile at and make changes simply by clicking on the pencil icon in the tab you’d like to update.

Coming to NIRSA 2019? Now is a great time to make sure your name, title and school is listed correctly in your NIRSA profile for your name badge.  Prefer to go by your nickname, but don’t see it listed?  Click on the pencil icon beside your name and in the pop-up box, add your preferred name to the ‘informal name’ field.

Financial history access

Another new feature to your NIRSA profile is the ‘Financial History’ tab, where you can view all your financial transactions, including NIRSA Foundation donations, event registrations, or membership payments – all in one place.

Job responsibilities and interests

NIRSA is working to tailor communications to member-specific interests. For example, would you like to hear about specific events that apply to your specialty area? To better do this for you, we need to know more about your involvement in campus recreation.  Please take a couple minutes to check out the ‘employment’ tab in your NIRSA profile, to select your current ‘Organizational Level,’ and ensure the appropriate ‘Job Responsibilities’ are selected.

More options for your communication preferences

You can also now easily refine the communications you receive for the various NIRSA services and programs by updating your NIRSA Communication Preferences. This form includes options for you to adjust the types of emails you want to receive from the Association or request printed copies of the Recreational Sports Journal. It also includes links for you to quickly modify your email notification settings in NIRSA Connect.

We’re committed to protecting your data

With all these changes and customization features, you may be wondering how your personal data is managed.  This fall NIRSA updated our privacy policy to ensure compliance with strengthened data privacy protection rules.  We stand committed to protecting all personal information that is shared with us. Read our full Privacy Policy to learn what information is collected and how it is used.

Remember that info you want to share with fellow NIRSA members is kept on your NIRSA Connect profile- the members only online networking platform.  To view or change your information stored in Connect, simply click on the ‘View my Connect profile’ button on your NIRSA profile.


NIRSA Headquarters is here to help you make the most of your membership. Contact Christine Haluzak, Membership Director, or Megan Granholm, Member Services Manager, if you have any questions about your NIRSA profile, communication preferences or use of your data.

Christine Haluzak is currently NIRSA's Director of Membership and Leadership Programs; she is available at