As a campus rec professional, you and your staff are on the front line of student success. You demonstrate your commitment every day by establishing a welcoming environment for all. You create space and time for your team to invest in professional development that allows them to integrate wellbeing into their work plans and collaborate with departments across your campus.

You are instrumental to the health and wellbeing revolution occurring across our Association.

The NIRSA Foundation hosts its largest campaign coinciding with the NIRSA Annual Conference each year. In 2019, you can fund the revolution and support your NIRSA family by making a gift between February 1 and March 1.

Fund the revolution at NIRSA 2019

Your gifts create incredible opportunities for the NIRSA family. Your participation in our fundraising events in Boston are a fun, active way to support the future of campus rec—and your donations make an even greater impact.

At NIRSA 2019, you can increase student scholarship opportunities by supporting the Student Leadership Team’s Give to Grow Campaign, you can make a lasting impact on student officials (and throw your hat in for “Team Flag Football” or “Team Basketball”) in the Officials for Officials Challenge, and, of course, you can shape the future of our profession by donating to a specific fund or endowment.

This year, we’re also launching something new: a way to support the NIRSA Foundation that will make a long-term impact, contribute to NIRSA’s strategic vision, and ensure the most nimble approach to meeting the evolving needs of our Association: the General Fund Pledge Drive.

Make the most impact by contributing to the new General Fund Pledge Drive

NIRSA members are actively working to build cultures of wellbeing on their campuses; NIRSA heard you and has made this an essential tenet of the 2018–2021 NIRSA Strategic Plan.

NIRSA and the NIRSA Foundation have been considering different avenues that would allow the NIRSA Foundation to lean in on strategic initiatives and priorities as they arise in the Association—health and wellbeing being a prime example. The majority of the Foundation’s donations are restricted and provide amazing services for our members through dedicated scholarships, research opportunities, and officials development. While we celebrate these generous gifts, restricted funds hinder the NIRSA Foundation’s ability to move quickly in support of NIRSA and its members when new opportunities arise.

We need to be nimble in our ability to respond to emerging trends and challenges for campus rec students and professionals. With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce the General Fund Pledge Drive. The General Fund Pledge Drive is our vehicle to raise unrestricted donations, giving the Foundation the ability to support current and future strategic initiatives. Some examples could include sponsoring keynote speakers and educational sessions or funding resource development for NIRSA members to use in their facilities and programming. By increasing our general funds, NIRSA, in partnership with the Foundation, will direct these resources to best support the NIRSA family with additional opportunities to further their professional development, networking, and more.

A commitment to the General Fund Pledge Drive is a donor’s pledge to contribute $5,000 to our general fund over a five-year period. Donors can choose whatever format works best for them: making their gift all at once, biannually, quarterly, or monthly at $83.33 a month over the five-year pledge.

“I realized this was the perfect means for me to support the long-range strategic direction of NIRSA via the NIRSA Foundation,” says Thomas Kirch, NIRSA Past President and NIRSA Foundation Past President. “I love that through my five-year commitment, I have the opportunity to provide financial support to our strategic initiatives. I feel strongly that supporting the General Fund Pledge Drive supports the advancement of our Association and its members.”

Be celebrated in the Founders Circle

By enrolling before the end of the Annual Conference Campaign on March 1, participants in the General Fund Pledge Drive will be recognized as members of the Founders Circle, a celebration of our visionaries’ impact and dedication to funding the future of campus rec.

Deb Johnson, RCRSP, founding member of the Founders Circle, General Fund Pledge Drive contributor, NIRSA Foundation President, and Director of Campus Recreation at University of California-Davis, shares why she committed to the pledge drive:

“NIRSA’s strategic plan provides exciting opportunities for the future of our Association and campus rec. I am very passionate about helping our campuses solve some of the problems around wellbeing, especially in the area of mental health where the students need resources. When the General Fund Pledge Drive rolled out to help raise funds to support the NIRSA Strategic Plan, it provided the perfect vehicle for my passion and donation to work together for our industry. It is an honor to be a part of the solution and work to make a positive impact for our students.”

While the General Fund Pledge Drive will continue beyond March 1, enrollees recognized as Founders Circle members will receive some extra love and recognition at NIRSA 2019 and beyond for their early commitment to the new pledge program with:

  • A Founders Circle recognition pin and Annual Conference badge ribbon
  • Special recognition on the NIRSA Foundation Honor Roll
  • A pre-Honor Award Banquet champagne toast with Executive Director Pam Watts at NIRSA 2019
“Any time I have an opportunity to align with such forward thinkers such as Dr. Wasson and the pioneers of our Association, I’m happy to do it.”

“Any time I have an opportunity to align with such forward thinkers such as Dr. Wasson and the pioneers of our Association, I’m happy to do it,” says Shomari Kee, NIRSA Foundation Board member and Director of Campus Recreation at Northern Kentucky University. “Last year, I made the commitment to donate $50 monthly. When the opportunity came about to join the Founder’s Circle at $84, I found that I could handle an additional $34 in my monthly gift. Knowing that I’m able to be in partnership with the NIRSA Foundation to champion the health and wellbeing initiatives was icing on the cake. Providing more opportunities is something I’m proud to be part of.”

Fund the future of campus rec by joining the Founders Circle of the General Fund Pledge Drive. And be sure to stop by the NIRSA Foundation Table in Boston so NIRSA Foundation Board members, volunteers, and committee members can say hello and thank you for the wonderful work you do for the NIRSA family.


Director of Philanthropy at | NIRSA Profile

Kim Holmes is currently the Director of Philanthropy at NIRSA.