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Voting process and timeline

NIRSA Headquarters is working with Election America to conduct the Association’s 2019 NIRSA volunteer leadership elections. All student and professional members are eligible to vote; to ensure receipt of the proper ballot, members should make sure their NIRSA Connect profiles are updated with their current email address, NIRSA region, and membership status. The member list for voting will be locked at 11:00am EST on Wednesday, January 16; to be eligible to vote in the 2019 elections, individuals must be a current member in good standing at that time. Individuals who join or renew after January 16 will not be eligible to vote until the 2020 elections.

On January 17, all current professional and student members will be sent a personalized email inviting them to vote in the 2019 NIRSA Elections. The email will be sent from, and the friendly-from name will be “2019 NIRSA Elections.” Keep an eye out for this email in your inbox, junk mail, or clutter folder. Consider notifying your IT department of this expected email to ensure it isn’t blocked from your departmental or university servers.

The invitation email announcing the opening of the 2019 elections period will include a link to the voting website along with a personalized election code and a unique voting pin. To vote, members will need to navigate to the voting website and enter their individual voting credentials before gaining access to the ballot that matches their member type and regional status.

Upon opening their ballots, members will have approximately ten minutes before the elections tool times out. Once you make your selections, click the submit button. You will then have a chance to review your ballot. To make a change, click “Return.” To cast your vote, click “Vote.” Once you cast your vote, you will be directed to a thank you page. You cannot change your selections or withdraw once you come to this page. If you start the voting process but are unable to get through all of the voting options in ten minutes, you will need to re-enter your election code and voting pin and begin the voting process again from the beginning. Choices will not be saved if you do not complete the voting process within the allotted time, so take advantage of learning about the candidates and proposed bylaw amendments before you start voting.

Personalized ballots

Ballots for professional members in Regions II, IV, and VI—as well as those for the Student Leadership Team—will have options for members to vote for President Elect and At-Large Director on the NIRSA Board of Directors and the proposed amendments to the Bylaws.

Ballots for professional members in Regions I, III, V, and Canada will have options to vote for President Elect and At-Large Director on the NIRSA Board of Directors, proposed amendments to the Bylaws, and for regional representatives on the Member Network in their respective regions.

Ballots for student members will have options to vote for the NIRSA Student Leader as well as for the regional student leader in their respective regions.


  • If you experience technical difficulties, contact information for the Election America Help Desk will be included in the email. If you have questions about your NIRSA membership status, you can contact the NIRSA Membership Department or NIRSA Senior Director of Operations Mary Callender.
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Mary Callender, CRSS is the Senior Director of Operations at NIRSA.