Now is the perfect time to get the official NIRSA basketball from Spalding! While current inventory of NIRSA basketballs lasts, both Gopher Sport and BSN Sport are offering the ball at significant discounts! The tournament-quality TF-1000 Classic is being offered as low as $34.95 and the ultra-durable TF-500 is being offered as low as $17.95.

So, if your supply of recreation basketballs is looking low, worn, or if you’re ready to add NIRSA basketballs to your inventory for the first time, we encourage you to take advantage of this special offer while it lasts.

Get the ball

As the official basketball of the Championship Series, the Spalding TF-1000, branded with the NIRSA logo, has been in play at The Series National Championships tournament since 2016. Taking place in Wichita, Kansas, the 2019 Championship’s marks the fourth year the NIRSA basketball is being used.

NIRSA and Spalding

NIRSA’s partnership with Spalding began in 2015; since then it has been NIRSA’s preferred basketball, making these industry-favorite basketballs available at a discounted rate for NIRSA members.

Plus, all purchases of these NIRSA-embossed basketballs help support the association, with Spalding giving back a portion of each sale to the NIRSA Championship Series.

  • For details about ordering, contact Gopher Sport online or contact BSN online.  You may also contact Heidi Cleary at NIRSA Headquarters at 541-368-5851 or by email.
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Heidi Hurley is the Director of Corporate Relations and Business Development at NIRSA.