The NIRSA Flag Football  season will be kicking off soon with regionals starting in mid- October. We are excited to have volunteers and staff prepare for another year of flag football tournaments. This year there will be 10 regional flag football tournaments  across the country, meaning there are lots of opportunities for NIRSA members to volunteer be on tournament staff!

“Volunteering at NIRSA Championship Series events provides exceptional opportunities for those involved,” said NIRSA Championship Series Flag Football Work Team Chair Jarrode Davis. “From being able to present different materials, to an ability of learn from others, to offering an extraordinary experience for our participant athletes, these tournaments create opportunities for students and professional to develop. It’s great that we can tie back these fun and inclusive weekend events back to our own professional growth, and our efforts spent volunteering are substantial to the regional host sites.”

Apply by September 14

For those interested in an amazing volunteer opportunity, applications are open for staff and director positions for all NIRSA Championship Series flag football regional tournaments s until September 14apply today for your chance to be on the 2018 NIRSA Championship Series tournament staff team!

The professional development experience that volunteering with the NIRSA Championship Series  offers is grounded in intentional learning outcomes and professional development goals consistent with the NIRSA Championship Series guiding principles.

  • For more information about flag football regionals, contact NIRSA Championship Series Flag Football work team Chair Jarrode Davis or NIRSA national sports program coordinator Nicole Jackson.
National Sport Programs Coordinator at

Nicole Jackson is currently the National Sport Programs Coordinator at NIRSA.