The NIRSA Communities of Practice offer a unique opportunity for community members to collaborate online. Each community of practice has a discussion board, a library of resources, a blog, and event postings. Community members can opt to receive notifications of discussion posts in real time, a daily digest, or a weekly digest.

If you have a question about a specific program area or for the NIRSA community, head to a “Discussion” section. This is where you can ask questions, get new ideas, or create an open forum to create a dialogue within our great community. The “Library” is a great resource too! Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, check out the library to see what’s already been researched or brainstormed. This is an open resource for all NIRSA members.

Want to “humble brag” about your program area or something your institution’s doing? Do it in the “Blog” section! This is a great way to network and self-promote. And while in the “Events” area, you’re encouraged to share information about local, state, regional, and annual events. Lastly, check out who’s interested in a specific community and take the opportunity to network with them by viewing the “Member” area.

The current Communities of Practice available to all NIRSA members are Aquatics, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Facilities, Fitness, Global Perspectives, Government Affairs, Health & Wellbeing, Intramural Sports, Leadership, Marketing, Outdoor Recreation, Research & Assessment, Risk Management, Small Programs, Sport Clubs and Sustainability. Conveners are on hand in each community to facilitate more conversations and help answer any questions you may have.


  • Find out more information, please contact NIRSA Member Services Manager Megan Granholm.
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Maxwell Miller is currently the Assistant Director of Athletics for Recreation & Wellness at Swarthmore College. He can be reached at