As the Group Training Business Solutions Manager for Matrix, I get a chance to tour campus recreation centers across North America. One thing I don’t think I ever hear a director or team complain about is having more space than they know what to do with; it’s at a premium at nearly every campus across North America. This, coupled with the fact that the interests and needs of the diverse campus communities of today are constantly changing, probably means that your facility has opportunities to repurpose existing space to better serve your community’s current needs.

Do you hear that echo?

Unused racquetball courts are something we frequently see when visiting campus rec centers and, unsurprisingly, facility operators are often looking for innovative ways to better use this significant resource of space to serve students. “Adding the additional space to house our MX4 system allowed us the opportunity for growth in many different ways while keeping us committed to a multi-functional area that all of our users can look forward to using and see grow for years to come,” says Matthew Jones, Assistant Director, Competitive Sports at Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Matrix has developed a thoughtful small group training alternative that fits perfectly into the footprint of an existing racquetball court and adds value to the student experience by building community and improving fitness.

Our solution is designed around a framework that focuses on cardio, power, strength, and endurance. It ensures balanced workouts for every participant and makes it easy for newcomers and returning patrons to know what to expect. At the same time, we change the equipment and exercise focus with each workout so participants never get bored. The classes are high-intensity while offering progression or regression to meet the needs of all types of students.

Meet the MX4 group fitness program from Matrix

Our comprehensive solution to an unused racquetball court is called MX4. It includes equipment, training, programming, marketing materials, and implementation support.


When we set up a space, we strive to make it feel special. “By using the layout and having a space that could be dedicated to MX4, we make it work to our advantage. The layout of the space becomes a focal point when classes are going, since its located directly off the main area. It gives everyone who enters a direct view of what’s happening at the back of the Fitness Center. They can see and hear everything that’s going on with MX4 when they are in the space,” says Matthew.

“The layout of the space becomes a focal point when classes are going.”

With small group training, we differentiate the offering from group exercise and make it feel like an offshoot of personal training with a more personally-coached experience. On a racquetball court, we’ve found the sweet spot for participation is as many as 12 per class. The programming is designed to make it easy for the coach to manage all participants with a focus on form, technique, motivation, and results.

Support from your partners at Matrix

To train your coaches, we bring in an MX4 Certified Master Trainer. Master Trainers will spend five hours teaching your team about the structure of this dynamic program and the many different exercises (over 1,000) that are included in the programming we provide.

As part of the training course, Master Trainers will review exercises utilizing TRX, flat circular bands, slam balls, Dynamax medicine balls, battle ropes, landmines, dumbbells, and kettlebells. Our team will also showcase the cardio modalities we incorporate, including S-Drive, Rower, and Krankcycle.

Attending the training affords participants the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits with many certifying bodies in the US.

When introducing a new program such as MX4, it’s important to educate and inform potential participants of the value and benefits. Matrix has put together a comprehensive marketing package to help you do just this. It includes videos, images, promotional emails, webs and social media content, and much more. Because the programming intentionally incorporates opportunities to build what we call “social fitness,” it ensures that you build the participation you need to achieve an optimal return on investment.

Benefits of the MX4 program

With each workout, we change the equipment and exercise focus so participants never get bored. The classes are high-intensity while offering progression or regression to meet the needs of all types of students.

When transforming your space, we can help you consider things like sound, flooring, and imagery, along with your equipment choices. Because racquetball courts often echo, strategically-placed insulating materials can make for a much better experience. Though it’s important that the coaches can be heard, we suggest music be played to add an element of fun and motivation during each workout. Flooring can be as simple as rolling rubber flooring over the current court. You might also choose to use turf and/or add color to the floor. What’s more, Matrix provides opportunities for customized graphics that can be applied to the walls to completely transform the look and feel of the space.

Your turnkey solution is just a call away

If you want to maximize your unused space and provide a community-building activity for your students with a turnkey solution like MX4 (with its exclusive products, programming, and support), your partners at Matrix would love to help you through the process. Together we can help make your rec center stand out and provide a fitness experience like no other!

About Matrix

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