Renew your NIRSA membership before dues increase on July 1

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NIRSA institutional and individual membership dues will increase by approximately 3.9% on July 1. This increase is calculated based on the Consumer Price Index for Portland, Oregon as is consistent with NIRSA’s Bylaws. Institutional dues will increase from $13 to $70 based on sliding scale rates. Professionals will see a $5 to $7 increase depending on institutional membership. Student member dues will increase by $3.

Institutions trying to maximize unused end-of-year funds can also save 5%–10% on institutional, professional, and student dues over the next two to three years through multi-year renewals. Renewing for more than one year will bring considerable savings to you or your institution. With a two-year renewal, you receive a 5% discount. With a renewal of three continuous years, you receive 10% off your membership dues. Total discounts can be as high as $990!

If your membership expires after the increase takes effect, you can take advantage of lower rates by renewing before July 1! NIRSA can simply add an additional year of membership to your current expiration date.

You can either renew online or print the renewal form for your individual or institutional membership and mail it in with your preferred form of payment.