Update, April 5: The terms and positions available to NIRSA members interested in applying to the Assembly have been updated.

The NIRSA Assembly is a unique group of individuals who work closely with high-level NIRSA leaders to determine what “hot topics” are effecting the profession of rec sports right now and will continue to in the future. Each Assembly member is hand selected for their unique perspective, experiences, and passion for the profession. Their efforts will contribute to the important task of participating in and facilitating thought-provoking discussions regarding the future of the profession.

As a member of the Assembly you’ll have a chance to bring topics forward for consideration that you see as relevant to the future of rec sports. You’ll actively be vetting these topics with your peers, researching ways that institutions across our membership have been successful in approaching them, and finding ways to provide your findings to the membership. Some of the ways the Assembly shares their findings include developing a panel or educational session at the NIRSA Annual Conference & Campus Rec and Wellness Expo, creating a resource guide to be featured on the Assembly webpage, writing NIRSA News articles, and facilitating discussion with members through the open Assembly Facebook group and NIRSA Connect Community.

Whether you possess a broad, working knowledge of the profession, strategic expertise, or a passion for current and relevant topics related to collegiate recreation, you’re encouraged to apply!

Terms begin on July 1 and there are positions open for both new and experienced NIRSA members:

1-year term

  • Student members
  • Open seats designated for non-members or NIRSA members
  • NIRSA members (emeritus, associate)

2-year term

  • Professional members who have been members for less than five years
  • NIRSA members (life, professional, student)

To apply, fill out the application and email your resume to NIRSA Leadership Programs Coordinator Lani Beavers. Applications will be accepted through Thursday, April 26, and appointments will be made mid-June.

Current Assembly members talk about their experience

“I’ve really enjoyed serving NIRSA on the Assembly this year,” shares Stephanie Smith, Associate Director of Recreation Programs at MIT and member of this year’s Assembly. “It has encouraged me to think outside the box and outside of my regular day-to-day program area. It is exciting to see how the Assembly has moved the thinking forward on each of the topic areas we chose to focus on this year. This work is vitally important for our profession and the Association, and by having a diverse group of voices involved we are all better.”

The Assembly seeks energetic, highly-participatory members with a capacity to contribute innovative ideas. Lauren Brown, Assistant Director of Facilities at the University of Colorado Denver and a second-year member of the NIRSA Assembly, shares that “it was motivating and refreshing to see how the Assembly has developed over the two years I served. Conversations and discussions are incredibly beneficial—as is engaging the members through social media, annual presentations, and online resource guides. We are able to see continuance of work from year to year in the Assembly and the members can see how their efforts are contributing to the work of NIRSA, its members and institutions.”

As a member of the Assembly, you will have opportunities to develop critical thinking skills as you analyze trending topics. Allie Bogard, Recreation Coordinator at Southern Oregon University, found this to be true as an Assembly member this year. She explains, “I’ve really loved the experience I’ve had with the Assembly as it has allowed me the opportunity to view the work I do on my own campus from another lens. As the ‘think tank’ of the Association, our work is invaluable in shifting the way we see our profession and how it fits into the broader scope of higher education.”

Want to hear more personal accounts from current Assembly members? Feel free to reach out to one of the current members to hear more about their experiences.


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Leadership Programs Coordinator Lani Beavers.