The NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee is pleased to announce that results for the NIRSA Salary Census are now available in the benchmarking platform for all participating NIRSA members. If you’re a recreation professional and have not participated in the NIRSA Salary Census, please consider doing so today. Participating NIRSA members at NIRSA member institutions will have access to a limited number of benchmarking filters within the platform.

A full suite of filters will become available once a sufficient level of participation has been reached. Filters allow member institutions to evaluate the competitiveness of salaries prior to posting job openings. And for individual members, filters may inform decisions regarding job offers. Access to filters is a benefit of NIRSA institutional membership. To gain access to the platform’s filtering capabilities, visit the NIRSA website to become a NIRSA member institution.

To learn more about the Salary Census, check out the FAQ section of the NIRSA Salary Benchmarking webpage.

  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Research Coordinator Ruben Guzman.
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Ruben Guzman is currently the Research Coordinator at NIRSA