Just like you, NIRSA associate member ZOOOM App believes in the future and value of officiating. And they’ve partnered with the NIRSA Foundation to support the Student Officials Development Campaign: Between January 3 and April 25, ZOOOM will match up to $2,000 in gifts made to the Student Officials Development Campaign, one of the NIRSA Foundation’s four fields of interest.

“It is our hope that this match will not only provide opportunities for young officials to learn, but help them launch successful careers in the officiating industry,” Kyle Armstrong, Founder and Vice President of ZOOOM, explains. “Each year the median age of sports officials accelerates disproportionately higher. By providing the resources and tools desperately needed to support young officials, we believe ZOOOM and NIRSA can reshape the future of the officiating industry together.”

“ZOOOM and NIRSA can reshape the future of the officiating industry together.”

Gifts made to the Student Officials Development Campaign provide a high level of evaluation and training of student officials at the annual NIRSA flag football and basketball championships by paying for lodging, meals, and on-site transportation for the student officials and their NIRSA volunteer evaluators.

The NIRSA Foundation and the Student Officials Development Task Force think it’s time for the officials and their supporters to get into the competition.

We want to know: Are you with Team Flag Football or Team Basketball?

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Team Basketball »

Here’s how to get in the game

  1. Between January 3 and April 25, head over to the Donate page.
  2. From the “Select a fund” drop-down list, select either “Officials – Team Basketball” or “Officials – Team Flag Football.” This will let us know if your student officials’ development donation is coming from Team Basketball or Team Flag Football. The group that raises the most money for the student officials development fund gets major bragging rights. All funds raised support the overall Student Officials Development Campaign and are not separated between Flag Football and Basketball programs.
  3. Sign in with your NIRSA user credentials or, if you don’t have an account, create one.
  4. Enter your payment details and click “Submit Donation.”
  5. Show your team pride by sharing this officials heart logo on Twitter or Facebook and tag @NIRSAFoundation.
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  • For more information about the ZOOOM match challenge and the NIRSA Foundation’s student officials development campaign, contact NIRSA Foundation Director of Philanthropy Kim Holmes.

Kim Holmes is currently the Director of Philanthropy at NIRSA. Kelley Hungerford is currently the NIRSA Foundation Coordinator at NIRSA.