NIRSA family: You stepped up. Not only did you meet the $2,500 match challenge offered by Hughes Group Architects, but 101 of you raised a #GivingTuesday record $7,280 in support of our mission and the future of campus recreation. Both are records for this appeal. You are all incredible, and we cannot express enough gratitude!

With Hughes Group Architects’ match, that’s $9,780 raised by our NIRSA family for our NIRSA family. Your #GivingTuesday generosity matches an amazing year of giving to support NIRSA via the NIRSA Foundation.

Because of you, we’re looking forward to providing more than 92 scholarship, stipend, and award opportunities for NIRSA students and professionals in 2018. Because of you, we’re looking forward to supporting the NIRSA Research Grant Program—in 2018, we’re increasing our support to $40,000—and the growth of the Institutional Data Set. Because of you, we’re looking forward to supporting more than 100 students through the officials’ development training program at the upcoming NIRSA National Championship Series Basketball and Flag Football tournaments.

And we’re looking forward to seeing you at NIRSA 2018 so we can thank you in person!

On behalf of the Association, thank you again. We hope your holidays are filled with health, happiness, and, of course, Peace, Love, and NIRSA. Take care and be well!


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Foundation Coordinator Kelley Hungerford.