Nominate a NIRSA leader for the 2018 Juliette Moore People of Color Distinguished Leadership Award

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As NIRSA members, we value diversity and inclusion as social imperatives that are essential elements in our shared world’s future. And it is appropriate that we honor those who are furthering our goal to promote diversity and inclusion throughout our association and across the profession.

The Committee for NIRSA’s People of Color Social is now accepting nominations for the Juliette Moore People of Color Distinguished Leadership Award. This annual award— established in 2003—recognizes those individuals who best exemplify the hard work and dedication that goes into creating or fostering a diverse and inclusive community.

About the award

The People of Color Distinguished Leadership Award Committee honored Ms. Juliette Moore with making her the namesake for this prestigious annual award in recognition of her leadership, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to being “our social conscience.”

Juliette is one of the many bricks that built the foundation upon which our commitments to diversity and inclusion initiatives are built. Recent recipients of this award include.

Nominate a colleague or mentor

For more information on the award, please visit the nomination form. Nominations can be completed in a matter of minutes, and simply involve providing basic contact information and a thoughtful response to the question Why do you feel this person should be awarded this distinction?

For more information about this award, please contact Shelbi Long, Associate Director of Recreation at Cal Poly Pomona University and member of the Committee for NIRSA’s People of Color Social.