The 2017 NIRSA National Basketball Championships, held at The Ohio State University from April 21–23, were a huge success and the NIRSA basketball—alongside the Wisconsin Badgers players—played a key role at the tournament! As the official basketball of the Championship Series, the Spalding TF-1000s branded with the NIRSA logo were distributed to all participating teams and were used in all games played.

With basketball on the brain, now is a great time to purchase your NIRSA basketballs so they’ll be ready for play in rec centers across the country when students arrive back on campus this fall! In addition to supporting the Association by purchasing the NIRSA basketball, you can save money since it’s being offered at a reduced price over the regular TF-1000™ Classic ZK basketball and the Spalding® TF-500™TF-1000 that do not have the NIRSA logo.

NIRSA first announced its partnership with Spalding in December 2015, and this partnership has been in play at the 2016 and 2017 NIRSA basketball Championships. NIRSA has also partnered with Gopher Sport as a preferred provider to make ordering easy! Anyone who wants to purchase the NIRSA basketball can access the NIRSA Buyers’ Guide or go to Gopher directly.

For more information about ordering, please visit the NIRSA website or Gopher Sport. You can also contact NIRSA Director of Sales and Corporate Relations Heidi Cleary by email or phone: (541) 368-5851.

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Heidi Hurley is the Director of Corporate Relations and Business Development at NIRSA.