Take advantage of the NIRSA Institutional Prepay Program

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The end of the fiscal year is approaching for many NIRSA member institutions. Are you a budget manager who has found unused funds budgeted for professional development? Did you know that instead of losing those resources, you can invest them in future training expenses through NIRSA?

The NIRSA Institutional Prepay Program allows your institution to purchase vouchers now for any denomination greater than $200, which we will then be credited to your institutional account. NIRSA vouchers—which are valid for 12 months—are transferrable and can be redeemed for the Annual Conference, institutes, and even new and renewing membership dues.

Learn more about some of NIRSA’s 2017 events to help decide if this prepay program is right for your institution. Don’t lose out on unused professional development funds—take advantage of this program today!


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Megan Granholm is currently the Membership Services Coordinator at NIRSA. You can reach her by emailing megan.granholm@nirsa.org.