Typically, the NIRSA membership votes annually in the winter, via electronic elections, to fill positions on the NIRSA Board of Directors and the Member Network as well as on any proposed amendments to NIRSA’s Bylaws.

Because, however, the NIRSA Board recently passed the resolution to formally establish Canada as a distinct region of NIRSA, a special election for the open positions on the Member Network—as well as for the provincial director and student leader positions—is being held during the end of April.

The Canadian Nominations & Appointments Committee reviewed qualified applications and, with the endorsement of the NIRSA Nominations & Appointments Committee, presents the following slate of candidates for the 2017 NIRSA Canadian regional leadership team.

Professional members within the Canadian region will have the opportunity to vote on candidates applying for Member Network Regional Representative Roles, as well as the provincial director position within their respective provinces. Student members within the Canadian Region will vote on the Member Network Canadian Regional Student Leader position as well as the provincial student leader positon within their province.

As a reminder to all members, candidates for the Member Network and regional leadership teams don’t “run for election,” they “stand for office.” All candidates have agreed to serve the Association and it is an honor to have any one of them represent the membership. Therefore, it is not appropriate for members to campaign on behalf of individual candidates.

  • More information about the special election can be found on the Canada in Motion page of the NIRSA website; if you have questions, please contact NIRSA Membership Outreach Coordinator Emily Hughes.
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Emily Hughes is currently the Campus Activations Director at NIRSA.