If you want to be a catalyst for action, generate results, and vet ideas in a highly-participatory think tank, consider applying to serve on the NIRSA Assembly! The Assembly is the leadership body of NIRSA that focuses on the dynamic and long-term needs of the collegiate recreation profession. In addition to thinking about topics, you will also be actively vetting topics, contributing to discussions on social media, and developing critical thinking skills as you analyze the trending topics on campuses today.

“The Assembly aims to help identify challenges much of our Association might encounter in the immediate future, and seeks to provide a platform for those issues to be safely discussed and for plans of action to be devised,” explains Ross Rodriguez, Assistant Director of Facilities Operations for the Division of Recreational Sports at The University of Texas at Austin. “Being a part of the Assembly has challenged me to grow as an individual in the way I approach obstacles facing our ever-changing climate of collegiate recreation, which has allowed me to be a stronger asset for my institution.”

The Assembly seeks energetic members with a capacity to contribute innovative ideas and who are committed to advancing the profession. Marie VanBuskirk, Student Employee Development Coordinator with Oakland University Recreation and Well-Being, explains that “this big picture thinking has generated great conversation about the wonderful work our profession is doing to impact wellbeing and ultimately promote student success on college campuses across the US and beyond. It has been an amazing experience to serve with a group that works to articulate and ensure the value of collegiate recreation!”

The NIRSA Assembly is a great vehicle for contributing your talents and ideas to advance the profession. For Jenny Larson, Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at Elon University, there are many rewards to be gained from serving NIRSA. “Being able to serve on the Assembly this year, I have gained a better understanding of how the trends we have spoken about have impacted campus recreation as a whole instead of looking at it through the lens of only the program areas that I currently and have supervised,” she says. “I have really learned and grown with this group of talented individuals who want to continue moving campus recreation and wellness forward.”

Whether you possess a broad, working knowledge of the profession, strategic expertise, or a passion for current and relevant topics related to collegiate recreation, you are encouraged to apply! Terms begin on July 1 and there are positions open for both new and experienced NIRSA members:

  • Student members
  • Professional members who have been members for less than five years
  • NIRSA members (i.e. life, professional, student, emeritus, associate)
  • Open seats designated for non-members or NIRSA members

If you want to be a catalyst for action, consider serving on the collegiate recreation profession’s think tank—submit an application to become a NIRSA Assembly member. Applications will be accepted through Tuesday, April 25.


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Leadership Programs Coordinator Lani Beavers.
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Lani Sherman was the Leadership Programs Coordinator at NIRSA.