Do you and your campus colleagues want to be a part of something new and exciting? Consider hosting a 2017 NIRSA Championship Series regional soccer tournament—applications are now available! Hosting a NIRSA Championship Series event requires dedication, but it also provides your department with a flood of fun and staff development.

Hosting NIRSA tournaments gives your community an economic boost and is also a chance to proudly show off your school. It brings positive attention to your institution, which attracts potential graduate assistants. In addition to the short-term and long-term advantages of hosting a NIRSA Championship Series regional soccer tournament, hosting is worth it for the fun and satisfaction alone. The deadline to submit a soccer host site application is Friday, April 7.

The NIRSA Championship Series Soccer Work Team members and I are elated to present this opportunity for the second time. We found so much support and success from our NIRSA institutional, professional, and student members during the 2016 inaugural year of this process that we couldn’t be more excited for this year! All regions are participating in this application process and we look forward to another year of successful tournaments.

Jon Janis, Region II Regional Coordinator, Soccer Work Team member, and Sport Clubs and Marketing Coordinator at the University of Tennessee, encourages members not to miss out on this great opportunity. He has been working with the regional soccer tournaments from the time he was a student and is excited to see what the future holds for the NIRSA soccer community.

Hosting a soccer regional is slightly different from hosting a basketball or flag football regional since campuses don’t have to do any marketing to get teams to attend—only qualified teams in the region will get a bid to play. Our regional coordinators lead the charge of executing successful leagues to qualify into these regional tournaments. Campuses will still have to set up the operational framework that gives staff professional development opportunities though. We encourage NIRSA member institutions that are interested in hosting to submit an online application by Friday, April 7.


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Director of National Sport Programs Valerie McCutchan.
Assistant Director, Competitive Sports at University of Alabama | NIRSA Profile

Laura Thomas, Chair of the NIRSA Championship Series Soccer Work Team, is currently Assistant Director, Competitive Sports at the University of Alabama.