NIRSA is excited to welcome back the American Red Cross to its family of discounts and rewards available to individual NIRSA members. The American Red Cross is now offering significant discounts to NIRSA members on lifesaving skills that are invaluable for their campuses and their communities.

While American Red Cross discounts might be familiar to some NIRSA members, the new partnership between NIRSA and American Red Cross affords current members better discounts than ever before!

Members can now take advantage of an association-wide discount of 20% on all certification courses and 10% off of all eligible retail products purchased through The discount codes are available on the American Red Cross page of the NIRSA website (you must be logged into your NIRSA member account to access this page).

The American Red Cross offers training courses, designed to meet the needs of NIRSA members. And they are looking forward to supporting NIRSA members from start to finish.  Having recently attended the 2017 NIRSA Campus Rec & Wellness Expo, the American Red Cross expressed the high priority that they place on a strong partnership with NIRSA.

Take advantage of member discounts and rewards

In addition to the discount offered by American Red Cross, NIRSA members can receive discounts on other certifications, hotels, and more. Just sign into your NIRSA member account and check out the exclusive discount codes on the NIRSA Discounts & Rewards page.

For a complete list of partnering companies and organizations, please visit the NIRSA website or contact NIRSA’s Director of Sales and Corporate Relations Heidi Cleary.

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Heidi Hurley is the Director of Corporate Relations and Business Development at NIRSA.