With widespread approval—over 93%— NIRSA professional members passed the proposed amendments to the NIRSA Bylaws. With 30% of eligible voters participating, NIRSA’s 2017 elections successfully came to a close on January 30.

The approved amendments to NIRSA bylaws take effect immediately. Under the amended Association bylaws, the Regional Composition Policy adopted by the NIRSA Board of Directors on December 6, 2016 has gone into effect. This policy outlines regional composition requirements, processes for the realignment of geographical areas within current regional structure, and a process for establishing a new region consisting of a country or countries outside of the United States.

The Board-endorsed policy shows that NIRSA values a process that thoroughly vets any regional change, and that allows decisions to be reached by those members who stand to be most impacted. Because members have approved the proposed amendments to NIRSA bylaws, our Association has become nimbler in its ability to serve member needs.

Members can view the complete redlined version of the changes on the elections page of the NIRSA website.

Other results from NIRSA 2017 Elections

Results of NIRSA’s candidate elections—for volunteers standing for office on the Board of Directors and the Member Network—are being verified by the NIRSA Tellers Committee. Once results are verified and all candidates have been notified, the newly elected leadership will be announced on the news page of the NIRSA website. Results will also be shared with the NIRSA membership in the February 7, 2017 issue of the NIRSA Know.

  • For more information about NIRSA Elections or NIRSA Bylaws, please contact NIRSA’s Senior Director for Professional Development Mary Callender.
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Mary Callender, CRSS is the Senior Director of Operations at NIRSA.