Every Tuesday and Wednesday—for five straight weeks—students, staff, and personal trainers ride as far as they can on their virtual reality bikes in the Fall Frenzy, a bracketed tournament. The Expresso Bikes record all the mileage for the schools so they can follow along in real time online. Expresso provides marketing materials and hosts one-on-one trainings with the staff at each college to help make it easy to get started with the annual Fall Frenzy.

Katie Buell, Assistant Director of Wellness Programming at Georgia Gwinnett College, has been thrilled with both the bikes and the tournament:

Last week, four colleges fought for the most miles in the Fearsome Four round:

Schoolcraft College – 2,829 miles vs. Georgia Gwinnett College – 1,374 miles

Saint Mary’s College of CA – 1,927 miles vs. Carnegie Mellon University – 1,636 miles

The top two colleges have moved into the Championship round of the 2016 Fall Frenzy Tournament. Tomorrow, students, faculty and staff clip in their cycling shoes to pedal on their Expresso Bikes for the “Golden Spokes” trophy, $500, and ultimate bragging rights. The battle will be between Schoolcraft College (1) and Saint Mary’s College of CA (7).

These yearly tournaments are guaranteed to create connections, increase participation in rec programs, and improve campus wellness. Both Saint Mary’s College of CA and Schoolcraft College have more than quadrupled their miles ridden last month.

It’s sure to be a round to watch, so make sure to tune into the Fall Frenzy from November 1–2 to see who will claim the Championship title and the legendary Golden Spokes trophy!


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