Are you knowledgeable in resume building or student development? Have you learned how to navigate a career path stretching from graduate assistant to collegiate recreation director?

NIRSA’s Career Opportunities Center has long been an essential resource for NIRSA Annual Conference attendees to peruse and apply for positions as well as to learn more about employer institutions. But at the upcoming 2017 NIRSA Annual Conference & Expo, the COC is going to be more than just a place to look for a job!

We’re excited to announce an exciting new feature for the 2017 Career Opportunities Center: eight half-hour career building workshops, which will take place within the COC on Thursday, February 23. But to make these workshops happen, we need your expertise! Please email the NIRSA Membership Department before Thursday, November 10 if you will be attending NIRSA 2017 and would like to present. Suggested topics include (but aren’t limited to):

  • How to utilize professional development for your career path
  • How to effectively ask for a raise
  • How to rock a GA position
  • Networking 101
  • My Situation: How I got my professional position/GA/director position
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Tips for being hired for mid- and upper-level management positions

In your email please include the topic you’re interested in presenting on, detail your prior experience in the topic area, and describe your previous presenter experience. We’re looking forward to creating this new and exciting NIRSA 2017 COC offering with your help!

  • For more information about the 2017 Career Opportunities Center, please contact NIRSA Membership Services Coordinator Megan Granholm.
NIRSA Membership Services Coordinator at | NIRSA Profile

Megan Granholm is currently the Membership Services Coordinator at NIRSA. You can reach her by emailing