Last week, students, faculty, and staff from 16 colleges battled for miles on their Expresso Bikes in the Super Sixteen round of the 2016 Fall Frenzy Tournament. Tomorrow, riders from the eight remaining schools will pedal on these interactive virtual reality bikes for a chance at $500, T-shirts, trophies, and the ultimate bragging rights.

Tournament participants ride on their bikes every Tuesday and Wednesday over the course of five weeks with the top schools moving forward into the next round each week. The bikes automatically record all the mileage so teams can follow along with the results in real time online.

Results from the Super Sixteen

The eight teams moving into the Electric Eight are Schoolcraft College, Gannon University, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Gwinnett College, Gonzaga University, Valparaiso University, Saint Mary’s College of CA, and Marist College.

Schoolcraft College – 2,083 miles vs. University of Memphis – 176 miles

Gannon University – 620 miles vs. University of Iowa – 187 miles

Carnegie Mellon University – 1,041 miles vs. Cedarville University – 58 miles

Georgia Gwinnett College – 947 miles vs. University of Rochester – 939 miles

Gonzaga University – 1,307 miles vs. SUNY Oswego – 144 miles

Valparaiso University – 620 miles vs. Carthage College – 218 miles

Saint Mary’s College of CA – 1,001 miles vs. Cedarville University – 244 miles

Marist College – 732 miles vs. University of South Dakota – 662 miles

In 48 hours, three match-ups resulted in some close calls; first-time competitor Georgia Gwinnett College defeated veteran University of Rochester by only eight miles. And Schoolcraft College proved that it is a school to watch out for this year. The 2014 Fall Frenzy champion threw down the gauntlet in this last round by accumulating 2,083 miles—the most out of all the teams in the Super 16.

All-Tournament Champions

Riders are also competing for individual bragging rights. For every ten miles ridden, riders will receive a lottery ticket. At the end of the tournament, one lucky rider will win $500! The top 25 riders that ride the most miles will be considered All-Tournament Champions and receive an All-Tournament T-shirt. Even if the team drops out, the rider can continue riding for tickets and tees! The following riders are currently in the top 25:

  1. Caroline Ptaszynski – Gonzaga University – 372 miles
  2. Israel Musonda – Gonzaga University – 329 miles
  3. Tamara Wrone – Schoolcraft College – 323 miles
  4. Thomas Marshall – University of South Dakota – 273 miles
  5. Mark Zajicek – Carnegie Mellon University – 267 miles
  6. Christopher McKinnon – Gonzaga University – 263 miles
  7. Christopher Lanoue – University of South Dakota – 242 miles
  8. Jake Fedewa – Schoolcraft College – 240 miles
  9. Mark Cappuccitti – Marist College – 233 miles
  10. Joe Parlett – University of South Dakota – 221 miles
  11. Michael Waldyke – Schoolcraft College – 208 mile
  12. Paulo Barelli – University of Rochester – 193 miles
  13. Sam Quiat – Carthage College – 187 miles
  14. Christopher Genovese – Carnegie Mellon University – 183 miles
  15. Randall Damron – Carnegie Mellon University – 172 miles
  16. Sundae Gaspari – Georgia Gwinnett College – 166 miles
  17. Andrew Detherow – Georgia Gwinnett College – 161 miles
  18. Branden Kitchen – Gannon University – 157 miles
  19. Patrick Casey – Schoolcraft College – 154 miles
  20. Jim Seay – Schoolcraft College – 149 miles
  21. George Alessandria – University of Rochester – 147 miles
  22. Hugh Howlett – Schoolcraft College – 145 miles
  23. Billy Smythe – Schoolcraft College – 140 miles
  24. Shona Young – Gannon University – 137 miles
  25. Petar Dinev – University of Rochester – 130 miles

This week in the Electric Eight

Schoolcraft College vs. Marist College

These teams meet again! Last year, Schoolcraft College competed against Marist in the Fearsome Four round of the Fall Frenzy. Schoolcraft won the round by 212 miles—4,346 miles to 4,134 miles. This will be a battle to watch!

Saint Mary’s College of CA vs. Gannon University

Last year’s defending champion Saint Mary’s College of CA is up against powerhouse Gannon University. Gannon made it to the Electric Eight round last year and all the way to the Championship round in 2014.

Carnegie Mellon University vs. Valparaiso University

Carnegie Mellon University could be the sleeper team. After making it through to the Fearsome Four round in the first ever Fall Frenzy in 2013, they haven’t made it out of the Super Sixteen since—until now! Valparaiso made it to the Electric Eight round last year but was beat out by Saint Mary’s College of CA. Both teams want it!

Georgia Gwinnet College vs. Gonzaga University

First time competitor Georgia Gwinnett College is hot to trot! With over 900 miles in the last round and over 700 in the first round, they’re taking this tournament by storm. But Gonzaga is a force to reckon with this year. They have the top two riders in the whole tournament so far: Caroline Ptaszynski & Israel Musonda.

Tune into the Fall Frenzy from October 18–19 to see who moves forward into the next round and even closer to the championship title and the legendary Golden Spokes trophy!

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