Participation in Giving Tuesday provides NIRSA members with an opportunity to become involved in a global movement of giving while supporting the Association they hold dear. The idea behind Giving Tuesday is to harness the collective power of individuals, communities, and organizations to encourage philanthropy and celebrate generosity. Giving Tuesday will take place on November 29 this year, and the NIRSA Foundation wants your participation!

Giving Tuesday offers you an opportunity to pause, reflect on, and support many of the great things the NIRSA Foundation does throughout the year. Through fundraising and stewardship efforts, the Foundation strives to enhance the effectiveness of collegiate recreation by providing NIRSA members with meaningful opportunities for scholarship, research, and professional development.

“Every little bit, or big bit, helps! Your financial assistance could enable a new individual to become a part of the active NIRSA community or for a long-term member to participate through tough times,” says Carol Gibbon, Health and Fitness Education Intern at Wichita State University and a 2016 NIRSA Foundation Scholarship recipient. “Another member might not seem like they need assistance, but could very well be the most in need. Your contribution will provide for many people in need of assistance. It’s life changing to receive a gift and even more powerful to give a gift—no matter the size, shape, or type.”

In 2016, the Foundation awarded 34 student scholarships to attend the Annual Conference in Kissimmee, Florida. This was an increase of six scholarships (over 20%) from 2015 and up eight scholarships from 2014. Additionally, 24 students were awarded J. Michael Dunn Scholarships to attend the J. Michael Dunn Professional Development Workshop, and three scholarships were awarded to professionals to attend preconference workshops. Thirteen professional NIRSA members were awarded scholarships to attend a variety of NIRSA educational programs including the Annual Conference, the School of Collegiate Recreation, and the Facilities Institute. Finally, for the last three years the Foundation has awarded six travel stipends annually to assist professionals who might not otherwise be able to attend the Annual Conference.

The Foundation publishes the biannual Recreational Sports Journal, the Association’s scholarly publication. The Foundation also financially supports the NIRSA Research Grant Program as well as the Institutional Data Set (IDS). These programs are a direct result of the generosity of our members and corporate friends. Also, the Foundation has four designated fields of interest including the Officials Development Fund, the Leadership Development Fund, the Research Fund, and the Scholarship Fund.

The NIRSA Foundation Board of Directors would be grateful for your donation on Tuesday, November 29. Our goal for Giving Tuesday is $7,000. It is only with the kindness and generosity of our members that we will be successful in reaching this goal. As you prepare for your end-of-year taxes, please note that your gift will be tax deductible. Whether your gift on Giving Tuesday is your first gift to the Foundation or you give regularly, your gift will count towards your Foundation “Level of Giving.” Giving Tuesday is a perfect time to “level up” by moving up to the next level of giving. You can learn more about your individual giving level by contacting one of the Foundation Board Members.

Those who are interested in joining NIRSA’s Giving Tuesday Campaign by making a donation to the NIRSA Foundation can visit the NIRSA website. You can also visit the NIRSA Foundation Facebook page or follow @NIRSAFoundation on Twitter.

  • For more details about the Giving Tuesday movement, visit the #GivingTuesday website or Facebook page. For more information about the NIRSA Foundation’s participation in #GivingTuesday, contact NIRSA Foundation Coordinator Breeana Myatt.

Associate Director at The University of Texas at Arlington | NIRSA Profile

Chris Muller, Member of the NIRSA Foundation, is currently an Associate Director at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Assistant Director at The Ohio State University | NIRSA Profile

Kris Myers, Member of the NIRSA Foundation Giving Committee, is currently an Assistant Director at The Ohio State University

Through fundraising and stewardship efforts, the NIRSA Foundation strives to enhance the effectiveness of collegiate recreation by providing NIRSA members with meaningful opportunities for scholarship, research and professional development.