The largest college rec tournament is back! The 4th Annual Fall Frenzy schedule is set for this fall:

Qualifiers: Oct. 4–5
Super Sixteen: Oct. 11–12
Electric Eight: Oct. 18–19
Fearsome Four: Oct. 25–26
Championship: Nov. 1–2

Hosted by NIRSA associate member Expresso, this tournament rewards top colleges for athletic performance with trophies, T-shirts, and even a rec center party. This bracketed tournament is hosted on Expresso Bikes in over 150 colleges across North America. Participants ride as far as they can on these interactive virtual reality bikes in 48-hour rounds during a tournament that lasts five weeks.

Last year, 154 colleges competed in the Fall Frenzy and first-time competitor Saint Mary’s College of CA won the Championship! The Gaels upset defending champion Schoolcraft College which made it all the way through to the last round. Saint Mary’s College took home the win with 5,126 miles ridden in two days. Two hundred and forty-four students, faculty, and staff participated in those two days to help the team prevail.

Schools of all sizes ride in the tournament—the only requirement is to have Expresso Bikes in the rec center! Colleges invite their athletic teams, cycling clubs, and even academic clubs to participate. This tournament brings riders of all athletic build to the cardio floor—every mile counts! “We noticed a strong sense of community throughout the event,” says Kevin Grant, Director of Recreation Fitness at Saint Mary’s College of CA. “Diverse and distinct members were involved in creating an enthusiastic environment throughout the tournament.”

Official rules and prizes are stated online. Leading up to the tournament, Expresso hosts one-on-one staff trainings with each of the schools to provide marketing materials and help schools easily engage their students.

Schools like the University of Iowa, Vanderbilt University, Penn State University, and more participated last year and will be back for the upcoming tournament. Over the course of last year’s tournament, 2,375 riders from 154 schools rode a combined 59,035 miles and burned over 2,000,000 calories on their Expresso Bikes. This fall will be even bigger!

  • For more information on getting Expresso Bikes in your rec center or to set up a staff training leading up to the tournament, please contact Expresso Marketing Manager Marisa Penkauskas by email or call 858-437-9240.
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Marisa Penkauskas is currently the Marketing Manager at Expresso.