Longtime associate member of NIRSA Schelde North America recently changed its company name to SNA Sports Group. SNA Sports Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium team sports equipment. It is famous for its volleyball net systems and portable basketball goals. Going forward, NIRSA student and professional members will now be able to find their website and contact information under NIRSA Buyers’ Guide entry for SNA Sports Group.

While the company name has changed, its product line will remain largely unaffected. SNA Sports Group will retain its headquarters and staff in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It will continue to service all products it has sold over its 30-year history and will honor all warranties, including the many products that carry lifetime warranties.

President of SNA Sports Group Jim Peterson explains, “Our customers can expect to receive the same top notch level of professional service and product performance that has earned us the reputation for quality that we have today. The new name will simplify our brand identity and make it much easier for people to pronounce, which is something we have struggled with over the years. Same products, same service, same people; new name.”

The company also designs, manufactures and markets tennis, badminton and pickleball net systems; wall padding; scoring tables; soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey and ice hockey goals, and portable aluminum benches and bleachers.

NIRSA members can find information about SNA Sports Group, as well other leading companies—from apparel to software vendors, and everything in between—using the NIRSA online buyers’ guide or by visiting the annual NIRSA Recreational Sports Exposition.

Photos courtesy of SNA Sports Group

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