The NIRSA Annual Conference & Recreational Sports Expo is the premier event for those involved in collegiate recreation. It offers fantastic opportunities to learn and connect with others in the field. The NIRSA Foundation is committed to the personal and professional development of its members, and wants to make sure you do not miss out on this amazing event! NIRSA Foundation Scholarship applications are now available for professional and student members planning to attend NIRSA 2017, which is being held in National Harbor, Maryland from February 21-24.

The NIRSA Foundation has partnered with Core Health & Fitness to offer NIRSA professional members a travel stipend to attend the 2017 Annual Conference. This stipend will be offered to one professional member from each NIRSA region. The deadline to submit a professional member application is October 17.

The NIRSA Foundation also offers scholarships to attend other NIRSA educational events that can help expand a member’s professional growth and development. So, even if you have NIRSA 2017 covered, you can apply for scholarships to attend events like the NIRSA Recreation Facilities Institute or the NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation. Whatever your plans and goals, let a NIRSA Foundation Scholarship help you get you where you want to be!

Foundation scholarships are funded through past and ongoing contributions to the NIRSA Foundation by many NIRSA professional, and student members—as well as corporate partners, associate members, and other friends of collegiate recreation. Browse through the NIRSA Foundation: Where are they now?” articles to hear how NIRSA Foundation Scholarships impact scholarship recipients personally and professionally. To contribute to the NIRSA Foundation and provide needed assistance with scholarships and other Foundation priorities, please visit NIRSA’s Give page. Every gift matters!

Scholarship guidelines and eligibility requirements vary between student members and professional members. However, for both students and professionals the deadline to submit a scholarship application is Monday, October 17. You will be notified of the outcome of your application in early December. Apply today!

Student Scholarships

The NIRSA Foundation will award a total of 38 student scholarships for NIRSA 2017. These scholarships can be used to cover the cost of event registration.

  • Mark E. Fletcher Scholarship (1)
  • Core Health & Fitness Corporate Partner Scholarship (1)
  • Life Fitness Corporate Partner Scholarship (1)
  • Matrix Corporate Partner Scholarship (1)
  • Sports Imports Corporate Partner Scholarship (1)
  • Woodway USA Corporate Partner Scholarship (1)
  • Region I Endowed Scholarships (3)
  • Fletcher/Leonida Region II Endowed Scholarships (4)
  • Region III Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • Region IV Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • Region V Endowed Scholarships (2)
  • Region VI SoCal Endowed Scholarships (4)
  • Salado Consortium (Texas) Endowed Scholarships (3)
  • Founders Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • Frederick R. Braden Scholarship for Social Justice in Collegiate Recreation (1)
  • Michael Dunn Student Professional Development Workshop Scholarship*
  • Jennifer R. de-Vries Scholarship (1)
  • Sonia and Max Gartenberg Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • William Wasson Endowed Scholarships (2)
  • General NIRSA Foundation Scholarships (8)

*The J. Michael Dunn Student Professional Development Workshop is an all-day preconference event taking place on Tuesday, February 21. This scholarship does not cover the cost of conference registration but does cover the registration fee to attend this preconference workshop. The number of scholarships will be based on interest.

Professional Scholarships

The NIRSA Foundation will award 15 professional member scholarships, the majority of which can be used to attend NIRSA 2017. Scholarships cover the cost of event registration.

  • Region V Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • Region VI SoCal Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • Philly 6 Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • Salado Consortium (Texas) Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • Anthony (Tony) J. Chivetta Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • Founders Endowed Scholarship (1)
  • Frederick R. Braden Scholarship for Social Justice in Collegiate Recreation (1)
  • Michael Dunn Endowed Preconference Workshop Scholarships*
  • Jennifer R. de-Vries Scholarship (1)
  • Will Holsberry Endowed Scholarship (3)
  • Bill Thompson Scholarship (1)
  • Barbara Brimi Heritage Fund (1)
  • Jeff Vessely Heritage Fund (1)
  • Steve Young Heritage Fund (1)

*J. Michael Dunn Preconference Workshop Scholarships are used to attend a preconference educational opportunity on Tuesday, February 21. They do not cover the cost of conference registration. The number of available scholarships will be based on interest; a minimum of two scholarships to attend preconference workshops will be awarded.

Want to support the future of the profession by being a part of NIRSA Foundation Scholarships? Check out the many opportunities to contribute on the NIRSA website!

  • For more information about scholarship applications, please contact NIRSA Foundation Board member Chris Muller of NIRSA Foundation Coordinator Breeana Myatt.
Associate Director at The University of Texas at Arlington | NIRSA Profile

Chris Muller, Member of the NIRSA Foundation, is currently an Associate Director at The University of Texas at Arlington.