Hello fellow NIRSA Members and thanks for tuning in to another edition of the NIRSA President’s Notes. Last time, I talked a little bit about the fiduciary role of the NIRSA Board of Directors; this time I’d like to spend a few minutes giving you a little insight about our role in helping to shape the strategic direction for the Association.

Click play on the video below for a window into how and why something like the Board’s recent affirmation of NIRSA’s active commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion fits with the work we do on behalf of the organization.

Thanks for watching, and I invite you all to share your thoughts with me throughout the year by email or on Twitter—you can follow me on the @NIRSAPresident handle.

Campus Recreation Director at University of New Hampshire | NIRSA Profile

Stacey Hall, Ph.D., RCRSP, CRSS, is Campus Recreation Director at the University of New Hampshire and is a NIRSA Past President.