Hello again fellow NIRSA members. What an exciting start to my term as NIRSA President it has been! Between a visit out to NIRSA Headquarters and the annual Summer Leadership Meetings, we are off to a truly great start. I’m so excited about the good work that our Board of Directors is doing!

But I’m frequently asked by fellow NIRSA members, “Just what is the NIRSA Board of Directors? And what is serving on the Board like?” So for my next two President’s Notes leadership blogs, I invite you to explore this question with me.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions about the various positions on the NIRSA Board—or anything else related to the Board of Directors—that you would like to address in my next video, send me an email or tweet me @NIRSAPresident; I’d love to hear from you!

Humans of NIRSA

For my second installment in the “Humans of NIRSA” campaign, I am happy to introduce you to Lywanna Melvin, Youth Activities Manager at the University of Denver.

Thanks for watching, and I invite you all to share your thoughts with me throughout the year by email or on Twitter—you can follow me on the @NIRSAPresident handle.

Campus Recreation Director at University of New Hampshire | NIRSA Profile

Stacey Hall, Ph.D., RCRSP, CRSS, is Campus Recreation Director at the University of New Hampshire and is a NIRSA Past President.