By Nazifa Islam

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help keep NIRSA members stay connected all year long. NIRSA Headquarters knows that social media is a valuable tool, and so we’re doing our best to make sure attendees can use NIRSA social media platforms to stay updated and involved at the 2016 NIRSA Annual Conference & Recreational Sports Expo taking place in Kissimmee, FL in less than a month.

The NIRSA Annual Conference & Recreational Sports Expo is the Association’s most important annual event and so it has an extensive presence on the NIRSA Facebook page and @NIRSAlive Twitter handle. During the past year, the #NIRSA2016 hashtag has been used on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to point out Annual Conference news and updates. And the hashtag will definitely be used heavily by NIRSA HQ staff in Kissimmee. We’d like to encourage NIRSA members to also use the #NIRSA2016 hashtag to join in on the conversation and keep up with all the Annual Conference action!

Take to Twitter or Instagram to share your conference experiences, photos, and any words of wisdom you gather in Florida! Our Facebook page will have up-to-date news and photos from #NIRSA2016, and you should feel free to send us a Facebook message if you have any questions or concerns. The same goes for Twitter where rolling updates from the conference will come from the @NIRSAlive account. If feel like showing your Facebook friends and Twitter followers how excited you are about NIRSA 2016, you can also download a suite of social media cover graphics for your Facebook page and Twitter account—or for your rec center’s profile page and account.

Consider tagging @nirsalive in your Annual Conference photos on Instagram and adding #NIRSA2016 to your captions. On Twitter, include @NIRSAlive in your tweets for a chance to be retweeted, and make sure to add #NIRSA2016 to your tweet to be a part of the Annual Conference conversation. Follow @NIRSAlive, @NIRSAFoundation, and @NIRSAStudents for the latest Twitter updates from the 2016 NIRSA Annual Conference & Recreational Sports Expo.

Both students and professionals are also encouraged to participate in the Student Leadership Team’s #NIRSA2016 Social Media Challenge starting on Sunday, April 3! You can find the different challenges—which are spread out during the days of the conference—online. Post your photos using the #NIRSAStudents2016 hashtag for a chance to win prizes like a NIRSA School Prize Bag, Matrix workout towels, and a Nike duffel bag

And for all our members who are on Snapchat, the Association has applied for a NIRSA 2016 geofilter to be available during the conference. Members will be able to dress up their snaps and let their followers know their having a fantastic time with their NIRSA family in Florida!

Social media is an amazing way to engage with other NIRSA members and further your professional network. So consider making engaging, savvy, and responsible use of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram while in Kissimmee this April!


For more information about NIRSA’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, please contact NIRSA Communications Coordinator Nazifa Islam.