By Nazifa Islam

Have you been on the lookout for a new and different professional development opportunity with NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation? Are you planning to attend the 2016 NIRSA Annual Conference & Recreational Sports Expo in Kissimmee, FL from April 3–6? Are you a writer? If you answered yes to all of those questions, we have just the volunteer opportunity for you!

There are many ways for you to strengthen your service core at NIRSA 2016, but only one asks you to stretch your writing muscles. NIRSA invites all student, professional, and associate members attending NIRSA 2016 to contribute to the Annual Conference recap article!

Every year, a retrospective on NIRSA’s annual conference appears in the NIRSA News and in an issue of the NIRSA Know. The recap article looks at all aspects of the Annual Conference—from the educational sessions to the socials to opportunities like Take a Student to Lunch and the NIRSA Foundation Golf Tournament. The Association is looking to give members the chance to add their voice to the NIRSA 2016 recap article.

Are you planning to visit the Career Opportunities Center or attend the Honor Award Banquet? Let us know so that Headquarters can put you on the NIRSA beat, writing one or two paragraphs detailing your COC experience or what you found most moving about the Honor Award Banquet. Your insights will help paint a picture of the 2016 conference for your colleagues you could not attend, or give a new perspective to other colleagues who shared in the experience. NIRSA would love to use those paragraphs to help build a fantastic NIRSA 2016 recap!

So consider following in the footsteps of so many NIRSA members who have let their writing shine in the NIRSA News—apply to write for NIRSA by Friday, March 4! Volunteers can also check the availability of this volunteer opportunity by directly contacting NIRSA Communications Coordinator Nazifa Islam after the March 4 deadline has passed. Contributing authors will be recognized in the shared byline and decorated with a “I write for NIRSA” button throughout the conference.


For more information about contributing to the NIRSA 2016 recap article, please contact NIRSA Communications Coordinator Nazifa Islam.