By Heidi Cleary

How many high-quality basketballs does your school purchase each term? Each year? If you are among the many schools already purchasing the outstanding line of Spalding® TF basketballs, NIRSA is pleased to announce new details about its recent partnership with Spalding to produce a signature series of NIRSA branded basketballs.

Gopher Sport has partnered with NIRSA to become the first preferred provider of the special edition Spalding® TF-1000™ Classic ZK and the Spalding® TF-500™ basketballs with the NIRSA logo. You can purchase either of the NIRSA series basketballs at a discounted price; you will save $4 per ball on the regular TF-1000™ Classic ZK basketball and $1 per ball or the regular Spalding® TF-500™.

Purchasing your basketballs through Gopher Sport will not only save your institution valuable resources, it will also help advance the Association, with Spalding making a nominal contribution to the Association for each NIRSA series ball that is purchased and Gopher committing to an initial preorder of both basketballs in sizes six and seven.

The TF-1000™ represents the best choice for institutional use; the ZK microfiber cover and premium interior construction make this an elite, championship-ready basketball; while the TF-500™ offers versatility and durability on a variety of surfaces. All Spalding balls are fair trade balls and are produced in accordance with strict guidelines regarding Social Compliance/Corporate Social Responsibility. Spalding has been an Associate Member of NIRSA since 1988 and is proud to show their support for the NIRSA National Championship Series by becoming the Official Basketball of the NIRSA Basketball Championships, beginning in 2016.

The first run of NIRSA series of Spalding basketballs will be available for delivery from Gopher Sport beginning April 15, 2016 and will be in play during the 2016 NIRSA Basketball Championships. Initial inventory will be limited, so to guarantee your spring delivery, order online today! If online ordering is not an option for you, you can contact Gopher Sport at (800) 533-0446, or Spalding at (888) 606-5524; or contact your local Spalding dealer.
Full details about the NIRSA series of Spalding basketballs are available on the NIRSA website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact NIRSA’s Corporate Accounts Manager Heidi Cleary.