By Nick Zumbrun

NIRSA  is excited to announce it has extended its partnership with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to offer financial support and resources to colleges and universities interested in hosting a Tennis On Campus Alumni event on their campus. The Tennis On Campus Alumni Event Grant offers interested campuses an opportunity to grow the prominence of their club tennis program as well as increase participation in their program. By applying for this grant, the USTA and NIRSA expects schools to make every reasonable effort to create an inclusive environment of leadership, networking, charitable giving, and camaraderie between staff, students and alumni.

This grant will present approved campuses with up to $1,000 each for the express purpose of creating and hosting an inaugural coed USTA Tennis On Campus Alumni Event at their school. Receiving the grant also opens up the possibility that participants could get free tennis gear from top manufacturers!

The alumni event should be hosted by the school’s current club tennis team—with oversight from Rec Sports—as a fundraiser and leadership development tool, and it must have a minimum of 25 student and 25 alumni participants. Appropriate documentation of the event—including but not limited to photos, program flyers, marketing materials, participant counts, etc.—must be submitted to NIRSA after the event has been completed.

By hosting a USTA Tennis On Campus Alumni Event through its recreational sports department, a school will enhance the college leadership experience for its current student-athletes, help steward donors, reconnect alumni, and build long-lasting relationships while providing a fundraising mechanism for its existing club tennis team.  Both USTA and NIRSA support these ideals, and this program provides funding and resources to help schools get started.

The USTA and NIRSA have had a seventeen-year partnership that has been extremely successful and mutually beneficial. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and apply for a Tennis On Campus Alumni Event Grant today!


For more information about this partnership, if you have any questions, or for help with the application process, please contact NIRSA Campus Partnerships Coordinator Nick Zumbrun by email or phone: (541) 766-8211.