By Christine Haluzak

Having the desire to make a difference in collegiate recreation is the first step in inspiring change. Acting on that desire is the next. NIRSA members’ commitment and leadership within the profession propels the advancement of our Association’s goals. Whether you’re a student or an experienced professional, there’s a place for you! Consider serving on one of the many NIRSA committees and work teams as a great way to give back to the Association, gain fluency in a particular topic, and network with colleagues beyond your campus. Applications will be available in mid-November and due by January 15.

Recently, the NIRSA Board of Directors approved a May 1–April 30 leadership year for committees and work teams. This is a shift from previous years when committees and work teams turned over after the Annual Conference. The May 1 start date will allow for many committees to complete a thorough wrap-up given that for many the majority of their work actually occurs during the Annual Conference. The change also provides volunteers with a consistent term. The Board of Directors and the NIRSA Member Network switched to this model this past May. Starting in 2016, committees and work teams will be in alignment with this model as well.

If you would like to serve on a NIRSA, NIRSA Foundation, or NIRSA Championship Series committee or work team as a member or chair, please submit a Committee or Work Team Application once the online application is live in mid-November. Applications will be due on January 15.


For more information about applying to serve on a committee or work team, please contact NIRSA Director of Membership Christine Haluzak.