By Alyssa Whitney

Don’t forget to register your team for the NIRSA Club Basketball Conference, where conference play is set to begin in the spring for most divisions! Team captains have until October 15 to sign up through IMLeagues. Once the registration period has closed, areas with enough teams to form a conference will be notified of the expected payment schedule, dates and locations of conference play, as well as any other league logistics.

Club teams can expect between 4–6 games per Club Regional depending on the size of the divisions formed. They can also expect to attend the NIRSA Regional Basketball Championship of their choice.

“NIRSA and the Club Basketball Work Team are excited for the new club league format and the benefits it gives to club teams,” says Ashley Lax, Club Basketball Work Team Chair and Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “By providing things like athletic training services, dedicated season games, and two opportunities to win your way to Nationals, we hope that the NIRSA Club Basketball Conference gives teams everything they’re looking for and more!”

The cost to join the conference is $933, which can be broken into three easy payments of $311–due October 15, February 1, and March 1. The amount covers three weekend events with 7–14 games for the season, all officiating and athletic training fees, as well as the conference winner’s entry fee into the 2016 NIRSA National Basketball Championships at The Ohio State University. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity—register today!


For more information about the NIRSA Club Basketball Conference, please contact Club Basketball Work Team Chair Ashley Lax.