By Tom Kirch

NIRSA’s Regional Realignment Task Force was appointed in the fall of 2014 to evaluate the Association’s current six-region structure, which was set in 1981. NIRSA’s regional networks exist to give members local opportunities to connect with their NIRSA neighbors and take advantage of nearby events. The Task Force is working to ensure that the most logical and useful regional networks are in place for the benefit of all NIRSA members.

In order to successfully accomplish its goals, the Regional Realignment Task Force needs your help. Does the Association have too many regions, not enough, or just the right number? Should NIRSA realign some states into other regions? What do you like about NIRSA’s current regional structure? What would get you more involved in your region? These are the kinds of questions the Regional Realignment Task Force wants your input on.

So please take five minutes to complete our “Regional Alignment Member Survey.” The results will have a definite influence on the Task Force’s work as it moves forward and be shared at the 2015 Annual Conference during the Regional Realignment Town Hall taking place on Thursday, April 2. Attend the town hall to join the conversation!

Your feedback will have a definite effect. Please help the Task Force figure out whether the realignment of NIRSA’s current regional structure is necessary.


For more information on the Regional Realignment Task Force, visit the Regional Realignment Discussion group on Connect.