NIRSA’s current strategic plan states that the Association “will be a thriving, progressive organization with a diverse membership that finds participation relevant and valuable.” In order to live up to this directive, the Association has to consider the needs of all its members—this includes both small colleges and community colleges.

For many years, the evolving needs of small colleges and community colleges have challenged those who lead and those who aspire to lead. This segment of NIRSA membership has numerous unique concerns that require detailed exploration and consideration. To this end, the NIRSA Board of Directors has constituted the Small College and Community College Task Force.

Currently, small colleges and community colleges are recognized within NIRSA as one group. The  task force will evaluate the needs of both groups and consider whether it’s more practical to have two separate groups represent these segments of the membership. Additionally, this task force will focus on surfacing relevant issues related to campus recreation at small colleges and community colleges and will evaluate potential resources for this segment of the membership by reviewing the current offerings.

Serving on this important volunteer leadership group are some of the most respected members of our organization, including:

Lamar Shingles, Hamline University, Task Force Co-chair
Marci Kuhrt, Viterbo University, Task Force Co-chair
Alecia Stegenga, University of Illinois at Chicago
Andrew Lemons, St. Edward’s University
Jason Gardner, University of West Alabama
Lisa Hanson Lamey, Moraine Valley Community College
Mary Shelley, San Jacinto Community College
Michael McElveen, Berry College
Mike Schneider, Moraine Valley Community College
Todd Bowyer, Roanoke College
Christine Haluzak, NIRSA Headquarters
Emily Hughes, NIRSA Headquarters

The Small College and Community College Task Force is expected to undertake their work over the next year. It will hold its framing call in the middle of February and is excited to start collaborating with NIRSA members who work at small colleges or community colleges. The task force’s work will help move the Association towards continued meaningful engagement with its membership.


For more information about the Small College and Community College Task Force, or to connect with members of this task force, please contact NIRSA Membership.