Project Description

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The Student of Today: Enhancing Their Experience from Data to Practice

  • 0.1 NIRSA CEUs
  • Monday, March 5, 2:15pm-3:15pm
  • Room 403
  • Lona Leck, Bowling Green State University; Dorothy Stromdahl, Central Michigan University
  • New Professional, Mid-Level (Manager)

Core Competencies

Research & Evaluation
Personal & Professional Qualities

Follow the perspective of “The Student of Today”? through the recreation employment process. By pairing BGSU’s longitudinal research with common student affairs learning outcomes, participants will make connections to and identify ways through which they can improve their own employment practices. Join us to gain a better understanding of the barriers to student success and a means through which you can incorporate student learning into the things you already do for students on a daily basis.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn assessment techniques that generate student employee feedback to inform short and long term management of student employment practices.
  • Gain strategies for promoting the integration of student learning within daily work responsibilities.
  • Acknowledge students’ perspectives in order to find ways to incorporate learning that fosters their success beyond the recreation department.