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Help identify trends or topics in collegiate recreation in need of additional research  

Together, we are leaders in collegiate recreation. Help NIRSA stay ahead of the curve when it comes to current trends.

NIRSA Research & Assessment Trends & Topics

With support from NIRSA Partner Precor, the Association will present the “Emerging Trends Panel” at the NIRSA Annual Conference that will provide in-depth analysis on an identified potential trend in the field, helping create cross-campus collaboration for the national trends in collegiate recreation, and expand NIRSA’s resources that add value to our membership.

Through this annual project, a panel of cutting-edge leaders will present the trend brought forward by you and your fellow NIRSA members. The results of this trend will be used to substantiate and promote campus recreation.

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Trends in Collegiate Rec

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How Technology is Being Used to Foster Student Wellbeing & Enhance the Value of Collegiate Recreation White Paper

How Technology Is Being Used to Foster Student Wellbeing & Enhance the Value of Collegiate Recreation

This white paper presents popular types of fitness and health technology — as well as the benefits of these technologies both for student users and for college recreation administration.

The paper explores issues related to these technologies, ranging from measurement to motivation to concerns about privacy.

Finally, the authors suggestion pathways to optimization by adopting contemporary technology: How campus recreation can bridge the gap between personal devices and fitness and wellness programs.

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Employee Wellness Programs Whitepaper

Employee Wellness Programs

This white paper focuses on university employee wellness programs, looks specifically at the literature related to these programs within the higher education setting, and it also takes a close look at seven employee wellness programs at NIRSA-member institutions.

This resource allows collegiate recreation professionals to learn more about employee wellness program establishment, objectives, components, implementation, participation, and outcomes from campus recreation departments that have successfully offered employee wellness programs for several years.

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