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NIRSA Research & Assessment

NIRSA investigates critical areas for research  

NIRSA supports engagement in scholarly research to advance practices in the field.

NIRSA Research & Assessment Research Agenda

NIRSA provides for the education and development of professionals and student members and fosters quality recreational programs, facilities and services for diverse populations.

Our Research Priorities

The NIRSA Research and Assessment Committee has identified the critical areas listed below as research priorities.

  • Student Retention. Identify factors, characteristics, or practices that contribute toward student persistence and degree completion.
  • Health and Wellness. Assess the impact of activity, educational programming, and/or facilities on health and wellness behavior or indicators in students, faculty, or staff.
  • Student Recruitment. Investigate factors, characteristics, or practices that impact students’ decisions to attend college.
  • Student Learning Outcomes. Assess the effectiveness of participation, volunteering, and employment on achievement of student learning outcomes.
  • Risk Management. Study risk management practices, policies, and cases to assess effectiveness in controlling programmatic, financial, and human resources risks.
  • Funding. Systematic analysis or description of revenue sources including referenda, user fees, investing, and fundraising.
  • Student Staff. Analyze the relationship of student employment and factors such as engagement, retention, learning outcomes, job skills, and competencies.
  • Student Affairs Partnerships and Collaboration. Examine partnerships and collaborative endeavors with Student Affairs entities for effectiveness in delivery of programs, achievement of student learning outcomes, delivery of services to students, faculty, or staff.

The context of such priority studies is intended to focus primarily on the framework of recreation, yet may include collaboration with other entities. Research related to the field outside of the areas listed above is also encouraged and supported.

*The NIRSA Board of Directors approved the NIRSA Research and Assessment Agenda on February 15, 2011.

Our Guiding Principles in Research

NIRSA’s Guiding Principles in research are to:

  • Follow accepted standards in human participant research and campus established Institutional Review Board practices.
  • Abide by the highest ethical standards in conducting research.
  • Practice efficient and effective stewardship of resources in conducting research
  • Disseminate research results in a timely manner.
NIRSA Data Collection Schedule

Share your discoveries

If you discover a need for data or information not already available here, please contact NIRSA Membership.