NIRSA Research & Assessment

Let NIRSA help you conduct important research  

NIRSA supports ongoing member research.

Endorsement and administrative support for member-to-member survey and research projects is guided by the NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee.

When requesting information from NIRSA’s association database for research purposes, the following processes and timelines will apply:

  • Once the team at NIRSA Headquarters receives an inquiry from a researcher regarding use of address list for purpose of conducting research, the team liaison sends the researcher a Research Request Requirements Policy, as well as the NIRSA Database Research Policy.
  • After the team liaison receives a formal request from the researcher, the team liaison will send confirmation of receipt of request to researcher within five working days
  • The team liaison forwards the request to the Chair of the NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee.
  • The Chair of the NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee sends the request to the committee members, along with the Research Committee Guide for Granting Access to the NIRSA Database.
  • The NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee reviews the request and sends their comments to Chair within 21 calendar days of receipt of request from the team liaison.
  • NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee Chair summarizes comments and sends the Committee’s recommendation to the team liaison.
  • The team liaison forwards the NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee’s decision to researcher within 30 calendar days of confirmation of receipt of request.

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