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NIRSA Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals

The Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals

Encouraging purposeful development

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Join the growing number of collegiate recreational sports professionals who are making a commitment to intentional professional development. With the Registered Collegiate Recreational Sports Professional (RCRSP) designation, you can demonstrate your commitment to a higher standard.

Registry members actively engage in professional development and involvement opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills in the industry and contribute to the association through volunteer service. Show your peers, your employees, and your institution that you are dedicated to purposeful continuous learning and professional engagement. Accept the challenge to elevate your professional skills and the industry: become a member of the Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals today.

Why should a collegiate recreation professional apply to the Registry?
An RCRSP designation may help you distinguish yourself in a competitive job market by helping you to:

  • Demonstrate professionalism, quality, and a commitment to:

    • Staying current through lifelong learning
    • Professional and personal growth
    • Modeling ‘best practices’ for employees and students
    • Advancing the collegiate recreational sports profession
  • Broaden career opportunities

    The RCRSP is based on NIRSA’s Core Competency Framework, which defines the competencies needed to be successful across various disciplines in the field. Maintaining an RCRSP designation indicates that you are continuously expanding your knowledge and closing skill gaps in your resume.

  • Network within the RCRSP professional community

    RCRSP members enjoy invitations the RCRSP Connect Community to access discussion boards to help you connect with RCRSP colleagues, and access resources to help you guide your career path.

The Registry supports evolving practices of collegiate recreational sports practitioners, provides a framework for lifelong competency based professional development, and inspires purposeful acquisition of new skills.

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Members of the Professional Registry are active learners in eight core competencies

Learn about NIRSA’s Core Competencies

NIRSA Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

NIRSA Continuing Education Units (CEUs)are a leading professional development credential for collegiate recreational sports professionals. CEUs are records of education experiences can be earned and used towards Registry applications and renewals. CEUs are assigned to learning experiences where content is based on NIRSA’s Core Competency framework and that meets the time (.1 NIRSA CEU= 1 hour), instructional design and evaluation criteria.

Learn about CEUs

Professional Involvement Credits (PICs)

Professional involvement is an important way for professionals to learn and stay current. Professional Involvement Credits (PICs) are not counted towards Registry applications but are a part of the criteria for renewal in the Professional Registry.

Learn about PICs
“The Professional Registry provides professionals in our field a standard of education and involvement to live by.”
Chris Muller, RCRSP, The University of Texas at Arlington
“It is important that not just entry-level staff but also senior-level staff continue to educate themselves on the latest trends in our profession. While some of us may feel we have arrived, our journey of learning should never end.”
David Bowles, RCRSP, The University of Florida
“The Professional Registry is a way to identify, recognize, and benchmark individuals’ contributions to the profession and their continuing commitment to learn, serve, and improve the field.”
Dr. James C. Turman, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus
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