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Join the NIRSA League of Colleagues

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I’m Here to Join NIRSA!

Save the World — and save up to 100% on your NIRSA Membership…  It’s super easy to join »

Invite your colleagues to join NIRSA (or renew their expired NIRSA membership) before Friday, November 8 and you’ll get 5% off of your next membership renewal — for each colleague you enroll.

That’s right! Refer 20 campus rec heroes to NIRSA and your next year of membership is super-free!

Are you ready to play in the big league? Well, you’ll also receive 40% for each institution who joins or renews their expired membership!

Holy savings!

How does it work? Well, it’s super easy! (Get it?)

  • Register your Super Team here.

  • We’ll send you a unique Super Code that you can share with nonmember colleagues. We’ll set you up with a social-media-friendly graphic with your Super Code as well.

  • When your colleagues join (or renew an expired membership) with your code (online, in the shopping cart; via PDF, in the coupon code line near the payment section), they’re added to your Super Team.

  • Check the leaderboard below to see where the size of your Super Team compares to others. The top three Team Captains will get a prize!

  • After November 8, we’ll send you a coupon code for a percentage off your membership.

  • We’ll have some fun giveaways for Super Teams at the 2020 Annual Conference as well!

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The Leaderboard

Super Teams will be here soon!

#1 Clark Wayne: 12 referrals

#2 Diane Romanoff: 10 referrals

#3 Tony Rogers: 8 referrals

#4 Natalia Banner: 8 referrals

Ok, superhero, let’s go save the world!

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Join the NIRSA League of Colleagues… Save the world and save on your NIRSA Membership!
Tune in on September 3 for details!