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The following webinars were recorded April 20-24, 2020 at the inaugural Bluefishjobs Career Development Week, presented by Mondo. They are free to NIRSA Members.

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True Life: It’s My Turn To Be A Professional

Presented by Jessica Ward, Director of Campus Recreation at Princeton University, with Jenna Mayer, Nora Osei, and Maria Lauron-Ramos

Hear from three young professionals as they describe the lessons learned while transitioning from a student to a professional, and how their Director adapted her onboarding process with each hire.

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Interviewing Skills & Techniques

Presented by Alejandro Herrera, Coordinator of Membership and Guest Services at Moraine Valley Community College

You may only get one chance to make a great first impression. Interviewing is an intimidating process, but especially for those just starting on their career paths. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and techniques to help prepare you for the interview process. This presentation will focus on tips and techniques to help build confidence and alleviate some of the stress.

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Road Map to Success: Tips and Tricks to a Great Interview Experience

Presented by Meredith Merchant, Assistant Director of Facilities & Recreation at Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Jonathan Sanders, Coordinator of Competitive Sports & Camps at Marshall University

Ready for that next step, whether it be a new position or a graduate assistantship? Join us on finding your road map to success! Learn some interview tips and tricks on how to make yourself more marketable, improve your resume, and crush the interview to land “the” job.

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Beyond the Job Description: Forgotten Details in the Search for the Right Job Fit

Presented by Drew Devore, Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

As graduate assistants beginning to take that next step in their professional career, there are many things to consider in the job search beyond the job description itself. From salary and benefits, to the cost of living and the surrounding community, this webinar with take an in-depth look into finding the job that is truly the right fit for you.

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Outside the Lines: Consider more than just the salary!

Presented by Lauren Martini Olson, Associate Director of Campus Recreation at University of South Carolina-Columbia

As a 15+ year professional in the collegiate recreation field, I have been a part of (as an interviewee & interviewer) numerous job searches; from students, interns & graduate assistants to Director-level positions.I want to ensure all candidates know what to look for and how to ask the tough questions, when it comes to choosing the right job for them.After all, the job search goes both ways.Job searching can be overwhelming but that feeling isn’t over once you have an offer.

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Career Development Roundtable

Presented by Jon Broska, Associate Director, Sport Programs at University of Florida

Join others who are navigating the job search to share learnings and observations.

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Personal Branding: The Who, What and Why of YOU

Presented by Richelle Williams, Aquatics & Youth Programs Coordinator at Western Washington University

Personal branding is the best way to discover who you are and what you stand for. Many students struggle with being able to articulate who exactly they are and what they stand for. Knowing who you are and what you are striving to accomplish helps find a clear path personally and professionally.

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Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be

Presented by Andrew Reddish, Assistant Director, Intramural Sports & Staff Development at California State University- Sacramento

Let’s face it, networking can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it very well could be your avenue to get from where you are to where you want to be in your personal and professional lives. We will discuss ways to become more comfortable with networking and even enjoy it as we explore opportunities to grow our social capital. Whether you are a student or an experienced professional, you can grow from this session.

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Interview the Interviewer: Confidence on Campus

Presented by Greg Corack, Associate Director of Leadership and Programs at East Carolina University

Onsite or final round interviews are one of the most stressful events for any professional regardless of experience level. This webinar provides interviewees tips and skills to calm their nerves and realize they’ve made it this far for a reason. Institutions want you, now it is time to find out if you want them. Turn the tables and start asking the tough questions to those on the other side.

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What Happens When They Fail

Presented by David Gaskins, Executive Director at George Mason University; Stephanie West, Recreation Management at Appalachian State University

Success is something that everyone actively strives to achieve. However, the element of failure is inevitable for all at some point in their lives. This presentation examines the concept of “failure”, the importance its plays in an individual’s development, how to build resilience from disappointments, and the role of recreational sports in assisting people to deal with it in a healthy and effective manner.

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Trademark Yourself

Presented by Matt Collum, Member Services & Operations Coordinator at Boston College

“Trademark Yourself” speaks to undergraduates, graduates, or young professionals who are looking into the best ways to market themselves and promote their own personal brand. The presentation provides specific information to keep in mind when thinking about promoting one’s personal brand and marketing themselves, as well as utilizing celebrity and company examples to further ideas.

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Presented by Lisa Williamson, Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness at University of Georgia

Want to be a #FitProfessional? Whether you aspire to work at a campus recreation center or in a commercial gym, learn the characteristics that fitness managers seek in prospective employees. Already work in one of these settings? It’s never too late to assess your #FitProfessionalism and impress your current supervisor!

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How to “Talk The Talk”: Translating your Undergraduate Experience to the Professional World

Presented by Luke Verdi, Coordinator, Student Personnel at University of Maryland

Are you starting to apply for post-graduate opportunities? Having trouble talking about how your current experience translates to that coveted position? Wondering how to get started? Look no further! This session will provide resources, tips, strategies and a systematic approach to crafting your application materials and “wowing” your future employer!

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How to Make Your “Unrelated Degree” Work for Anything: Experiences from an Anthropologist

Presented by Petey Manion, Fitness Coordinator, Campus Recreation at Boston College

Do you have a degree that doesn’t translate exactly to the field you are wanting to work in, or the job you are seeking post-graduation? Join in for this presentation and learn how to relate your degree to any field by identifying core competencies, relating foundational skills, and creating your ‘bit’. Each step in this process is followed with examples and experiences of how the presenter related her undergraduate degree in Anthropology to a start a career in Fitness.

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Preparing for Future Opportunity

Presented by Micah Walters, Mondo USA

Join a former NIRSA Professional as he details his experiences working within collegiate recreation, and how those experiences turned into transferrable skills as he transitioned into a new career field. Gain insight into identifying key skills learned via employment within recreation.

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Taking Care of YOU: Managing Job Search Stress

Presented by Veronica Chevalier, Aquatics Program and Risk Management Coordinator at University of Notre Dame

A job search, especially a first professional job or a Graduate Assistant position, can be extremely stressful and take a toll on your wellbeing. Learn how to identify ways to combat this stress through self care practices and having meaningful conversations.

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Understanding Your Employee Benefits

Presented by Troy Vaughn, Director – Campus Recreation at University of Arizona

As you prepare your resume and interviewing skills for that next position, the one thing that you forget about are the benefits that you receive from an employer. With employer benefits, knowledge is power and this presentation will describe and explain many of the types of benefits that you can receive. Health insurance, life insurance, retirement, and many other benefits will be described to make young professionals aware of what they will need to know as they decide on a new position.

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So, you Want to Learn how to Design a Great Presentation?

Presented by Maggie Fitzsimmons, Coordinator for Facility Operations at University of Georgia

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Into the Unknown: Handling the Unexpected as a First Year Professional

Presented by Bryce Starr, Coordinator for Fitness & Wellness at University of Houston-Clear Lake

Some things never change like starting your first year as a professional and diving into the unknown. Navigating hurdles, unforeseen challenges, external boundaries may alter your perception of what you thought the this field was all about. Don’t get lost in the woods, because you’re not alone! Learn first hand some common obstacles and how to use modern transformative methods combined with health and wellness theories to create your own successes.

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Mondo is proud to sponsor Bluefishjobs Virtual Career Development Week. In these unprecedented, challenging times, Bluefishjobs Career Week presents a great opportunity for students to ready themselves for future professional growth and to be leaders in whatever career path they chose in collegiate recreation.

Thank you, Mondo!

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