About Institutional Member Bundled Pricing

 For the best conference pricing, join NIRSA before registering for NIRSA 2021.

The new, “bundled” registration price is available through February 16 for the NIRSA 2021 virtual conference and expo. Bundled pricing provides NIRSA 2021 virtual conference education and live events to all professionals, students, and staff from NIRSA Institutional Member* schools.

The price for this registration is $850 through February 2, 2021 ($1,000 February 2-16, 2021). Invite and register students, professionals, faculty, colleagues, or executives at your member institution at no additional cost until February 16 — regardless of their individual membership status in NIRSA.

* The term “member” refers to those with a current NIRSA membership both at the time of registration and throughout the Conference. If you are unsure about your individual membership status or your institution’s membership status, please send an email to


With bundled pricing, you can register numerous individuals from your institution, until February 16.

Steps to register your institution and others for bundled pricing:

  1. One individual from a member institution must register and pay the bundled price ($850 by February 2, 2021 or $1,000 from February 2 through February 16). Bundle registration for NIRSA 2021 Virtual Conference closes after February 16.
  2. Once the registration transaction is complete, a special “individual registration” rate will appear for any individual from the registered member institution. This special individual registration rate will expire after February 16, so please inform your team to register before then to take advantage of this offer.
  3. If you would like to register any students, professionals, faculty, colleagues, or executives from your member institution, use the “Register Someone Else” feature. If they don’t have a profile, you will not be able to register them until they create one.
  4. If you would like others to register themselves, instruct them to login to—or create a NIRSA profile if they don’t yet have one—and select “individual registration” for $0 price.

Individuals at registered bundle schools must register (or be registered by someone else) by February 16, 2021 to receive 2021 virtual event content.


Registration for the virtual conference will only be available online (pdf and paper registrations will not be available this year).

To complete the Institutional Member Bundle online registration, professionals can use any of these payment methods:

  1. Credit Card – Select Credit Card and complete the payment details. Click Charge Credit Card. A receipt will be included in your registration confirmation email.
  2. PO or Check – Select Purchase Order. Enter today’s date if you do not have a PO#. Click Submit Purchase Order. Your registration confirmation will show a Balance Due invoice for your accounting purposes.
  3. NIRSA Credit on Account – Select Purchase Order. Enter “CREDIT” in the PO# field. Click Submit Purchase Order. Forward your registration confirmation email to with your request to use credit.

All payments MUST be received by February 16, 2021. Registered attendees with a balance due will not be provided access to the 2021 NIRSA Virtual conference.

Contact for questions.