bring your boss

bring your boss or your higher ed colleague

By attending the NIRSA Annual Conference your boss and/or university collaborator can see firsthand the crucial role your department plays in recruitment, retention, and the overall student experience.

Countless attendees have experienced the thrill of learning from speakers, students, and colleagues—or of sharing new information as their institution’s representative at an event—only to return home to business-as-usual. This can be especially true when a boss or someone from another department on your campus doesn’t have a background in campus recreation, making the prospect of introducing innovations or gaining support for new initiatives even more challenging.

Returning attendees know that the NIRSA Annual Conference is not confined to the concerns of just one department on campus. Attending alongside a colleague can help you be enthused and productive long after the Annual Conference is over.

all are welcome

NIRSA extends higher education administrators outside recreation, who are otherwise unaffiliated with NIRSA, the opportunity to accompany you to this year’s Annual Conference by registering at the same professional registration rate that you pay!

Your department administrator or higher ed colleague will gain a deeper appreciation for the value your programs, services, and employees contribute to your campus community. NIRSA’s selection of executive-level educational sessions and celebrated invited speakers will be sure to give them plenty of exciting takeaways to bring home too.