The conference program, including schedule information, will be posted here later in Fall 2019.

Stay tuned!

Schedule Overview

NIRSA Conference Program Committee

The NIRSA Conference Committee is excited to welcome presenters and attendees to Phoenix, Arizona!

The Program Committee is currently hard at work designing an exciting and engaging program for the annual conference. If you are interested in presenting, please visit the Presenter Information section.

David Peters — Chair, NIRSA 2020 Conference Program Committee

David Peters


Florida State University

Erin Patchett — Chair-Designee, NIRSA 2020 Conference Program Committee

Erin Patchett


Colorado State University

A'Naja Newsome — Chair-Elect, NIRSA 2020 Conference Program Committee

A’Naja Newsome


University of South Florida

Allie Bogard, Montana State University  Silvia Chan, University of Connecticut  Linda Clauss, California State University-East Bay  Christopher Crume, Denison University  Jessica Kiss, Bowling Green State University  Jenny Larson, Elon University  Brittani Lee, Indiana State University  Stephanie Nielsen, University of Michigan  Melissa Ortiz, Western Kentucky University  Rahul Rajan, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities  Andrew Rampe, University of North Carolina Wilmington  Kimberly Rottet, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley  Shauna Sage, Western Carolina University  Chris Schmoldt, Florida State University  Andrea Snead, University of Central Florida  Kathryn Thies, Loyola University Chicago  Lashica Thomas, Columbus State University  Cindy Tse, Colorado State University-Fort Collins  Christina Ustiak, Florida Atlantic University  Scott Vandermoon, CENTERS, LLC At DePaul University  Ty Verdin, Kennesaw State University  James Zeller, Belmont University  Kristen Gleason, NIRSA Headquarters

Allie Bogard, Montana State University
Andrea Snead, University of Central Florida
Andrew Rampe, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Brittani Lee, Indiana State University
Chris Schmoldt, Florida State University
Christina Ustiak, Florida Atlantic University
Christopher Crume, Denison University
Cindy Tse, Colorado State University-Fort Collins
James Zeller, Belmont University
Jenny Larson, Elon University
Jessica Kiss, Bowling Green State University
Kathryn Thies, Loyola University Chicago

Kimberly Rottet, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Lashica Thomas, Columbus State University
Linda Clauss, California State University-East Bay
Melissa Ortiz, Western Kentucky University
Rahul Rajan, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Scott Vandermoon CENTERS, LLC At DePaul University
Shauna Sage, Western Carolina University
Silvia Chan, University of Connecticut
Stephanie Nielsen, University of Michigan
Ty Verdin, Kennesaw State University
Kristen Gleason, NIRSA Headquarters